Welcome to the Precious Lessons website. As you will observe from watching the video above, the Values Versus Violence Education (VVVE) Programme has been developed to empower children to practice positive values and make safer choices in life. We have a proven track record in making a positive differences to the lives of children. By taking a few minutes to browse our website, you may just decide that you want to support our work and help our nation’s children.

This website has been created to share the substance of our work with people and organisations who might feel inclined to help us. As an example, a modest donation of just £200 would fund a class of 35 children – giving them access to our VVVE Programme Journals for a full school year.

A simple act of kindness on your part may well provide the catalyst to a safer, brighter and more positive future for more than one child. Can you think of a better and more positive impact for a modest £200?

Please visit our Help a School page to make a donation.